Finally Found Designs


I started my freelance graphic design business to help people with their projects through my creative services. We all struggle with something in our lives, and with each project I focus on what would best represent my clients and to better their situation.

Graphic design provides challenges that need to be overcome both logically and creatively, which is why I enjoy it. Design is all about visual communication, and to express a message clearly everything needs to be thought out. Text, imagery, color, and layout are some of the elements that go into a design, and if one is not right then the whole design is off. However, before you even get to the design you need to know who you are trying to reach, what message you are trying to convey, and what you want customers to do. It is the fine details that we will get right and complete within budget.

I look at every project with an eagerness to accept the design challenge that it presents. Over the years each project and challenge I have faced have been given a solution that was appropriate for not only the project but the company and client as well. The following is a brief account of a recent client’s project.

My client requested a marketing packet, which included a single pocket folder, flowchart, business card, and letterhead all of which needed designed. Each item was to be printed individually. The packet was for use by sales reps during pitches then left behind with the new client. The folder would contain all the materials for the pitch. Inside the flowchart was to quickly express how the client would benefit from the company’s services. Putting myself in the position of the new client, I thought it would be cumbersome to go through a pile of papers to find out the benefits. That is when the solution surfaced which was simple yet effective. With the single pocket folder, inside the cover would be blank. It made sense to put the flowchart on the inside of the folder. Three things were accomplished with that solution. For one, the flowchart would be noticed first which would give the client the benefits at the start while preparing them for the rest of the detailed materials inside the pocket. Two, there was one less sheet of paper in the pocket to handle during and after a pitch. Three, with one less sheet of paper to be printed it saved on printing and shipping costs. That solution was well received by my client.

Whether your project is digital or print, the process is the same. Together we will talk about the requirements, decide what needs to be done, then create and review the design before the final approval. Most importantly we will focus on what works for your business first and then build on that.

Design is a great way to spend time providing a creative solution that makes a successful project for my clients. The only thing better is building professional relationships with clients and being apart of their business growth. Do you have a project that needs a creative solution? If so, then contact me and let’s get started!