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The information found on a business card can vary from one card to the next. There is no industry standard for what has to be on the card. However it is understood by everyone that a business card will have at the very least a name, contact info, and a website. Any additional info comes down to what the card’s function is and the person’s or company’s preference. Here are a few examples of how a business card can be used.

Business Personnel Card

The most common type of business card. Everyone has own in their possession whether it is your actual card or not. It is how business contacts pass out their information. When someone thinks of a business card this is what it is. Other common information on this card is a company logo and job title. Additional information may be company slogan, mailing address, and a list of services.

Generic Company Card

Another common card. If you have been to a trade show, convention, or job fair you may have picked one of these up. This card won’t have any employee name or information, which allows the company to use it for any purpose. Some uses may include employment or recruiting information, promotion of a business event, or even tie it into a marketing plan. In addition to the common info of name, contact info, and logo you may find a specific webpage, mailing address, or even social media accounts.

Private Personnel Card

This card is uncommon since there’s not a great need to hand out contact info on a non-business level. However, a private card can still have it’s uses, for example you can use it as a portable resume when job hunting. Additional information may include a list of skills, interests, experience, or a simple graphic to add a personal touch.


A more uncommon type of card. This card is typically received during trade shows or conventions. Often times it will feature a product with company name, a website, and or phone number. For advertising, it is a very cheap method to produce a promotional advertisement.

Brochure Card

A rare type of card. This card typically has a number of folds in it to create a brochure like appearance. Due to the multiple panels it is an excellent way to provide more information to a new contact without them having to go looking. However, with the folding and additional material costs of this type of card are higher.

Deciding the function of the card and what content you want on your business card is half the battle. The other half of the battle is actually creating the card. But don’t let that stop you there are plenty of ways to get your card made including contacting a professional designer.

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