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Munch A Simple Kitchen – Website is a website for a small vegan restaurant in Cleveland Ohio.

The client had an existing website that was in bad shape and needed a facelift in the worst way. Prior to the redesign, the website had poor usability, was very hard to read, and had elements that did not serve the business.

After my research, I sat down with the client and we discussed what was most important to the business. They wanted to emphasize their catering service which at the time was not a strong part of the business. Since the business was located in a University building they felt they needed an easy and clear way for people to find them. Most importantly they were changing names and wanted people to understand why.

Some of the new features that I suggested were downloadable PDF menus, a fixed sidebar menu on the menu and catering pages, and a google map showing their location. The downloadable PDF allowed visitors to save and print the menu for easy access. A fixed sidebar came from research of competitor websites. Very few websites made it easy for customers to jump to different portions of the menu. Most of the time you would have to scroll up or down the page. The fixed menu gave the user a link that would take them immediately to the section they wanted to see. The google map allowed users to quickly get directions to the restaurant straight from the contact page.

The new website has helped the business successfully meet its needs and gain new customers.