Finally Found Designs

Web Design

There are countless website service providers that you can choose from, which can leave you with choice paralysis. When faced with so many decisions for your business already, you don’t need additional stress when it comes to choosing the right professional to help you with your website needs. That is why I setup shop, to help you and your business get on the web with minimal stress. You will get one on one support, honest and open service, and someone who’s not afraid to say “I don’t know, but I will find out”.

Website Consultation

Do you have a website already and are concerned whether it could perform better? Then the best thing you could do is seek information first before making a big decision that could cost you more than money. By consulting with me about your website you can get a better idea of what your website stats actually say and where you should focus your attention. Together we will review and discuss problems your website has and create a plan that you can execute to best help you and your business in a cost effective manner.

Custom Website Design / Development

If your business is ready for a website or the existing website needs a fresh look, then you should consider having it custom designed. Your business is unique and your website should be too. A custom website too expensive you say? Sure you can go get a cheap theme that looks good or go with a DIY website builder service. That only solves one problem, needing a website. With custom design you will have a website with all the big issues resolved (such as mobile design, SEO, user friendliness, and more) and it will be easy to expand. But most importantly you will have someone that works with you that can answer your questions, and create something that will be just right with minimal fuss on your part.

Website Maintenance / Support

In the grand scheme of things getting a website up and running is the easy part. Website maintenance is the hard part, will never be finished. A website needs to have new content published regularly to be keep customers coming back. Not to mention, if something breaks it needs to be fixed quickly, and websites should have a backup like everything else. Also depending on how your website is setup you may need to make system updates. Don’t have time for all that, then I can help you maintain and support your website. I will make updates that you need done in a timely fashion, and keep things behind the scene up and running.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

All websites require a web host and a domain (web address / URL) to be accessible. I provide web hosting through a third party. In doing so, I will make sure your site runs so you don’t have to.
When it comes to Domain registration, I prefer not to register your domain for you because it protects you! A web address is digital real estate and if it is registered under the wrong name you could find yourself without a website. However, I will provide assistance when you register your domain.