Finally Found Designs

Open For Business

After months of planning, the time has come to open up shop.

It has been several months in the making but now the time has come. Finally Found Designs is open for business. These coming months have been a stressful time of careful planning to ensure a solid start. For one Finally Found Designs, wasn’t just pulled out of a hat. It was crafted with a plan in mind. As people, we are always looking for something and it can be stressful especially if we are in a hurry. Finally Found Designs was created for the purpose to help people find their design they’ve been looking for be it print or websites.

We are looking to serve small businesses and non-profit organizations. That is because Finally Found Designs was built upon the desire to help people. Here are Finally Found Designs the focus is getting to know the client so we can help them connect with their clientele. That is why the Creative Director personally works with the clients to ensure their project is the highest quality and speaks in the clients voice.

As a graphic design studio our services include print design, web design, and product photography. Print design includes, catalogs, brochures, direct mail, flyers, newsprint ads, business cards, newsletters, letterhead, and logos. Web design offers WordPress websites, static webpages, email design, and animated banners. Product photography is restricted to items that can be shipped only. The service includes development and print or web ready images.

On our blog you can expect to read and listen to anything related to graphic design. There will be basic tips on how to improve your projects if you can’t afford a professional designer. Along with tips you can read what goes into design, discussing marketing potential of different services, project planning tips, and much more.

So stay in touch so you don’t miss out, and feel free to contact the Creative Director for further discussion or questions.

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