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An article about the recent projects completed for a recent client, SnifferDeal. See what the CEO of SnifferDeal has to say about them.

Projects completed for Sniffer Deal designed by Finally Found Designs


A big thanks to SnifferDeal for allowing Finally Found Designs the opportunity to help them create their marketing packet and flyer. Here is what they have to say about the projects.

“You satisfied all our needs and even more than that you work fast and effectively. Thanks for all the great ideas. Now with your help our new business can get off the ground running with your professional work in hand. I would recommend you to any other business that comes around.”
Matthew Marcotte
CEO of SnifferDeal

The marketing packet was the first project and included a presentation folder, flowchart, and promotional business card. The presentation folder and flowchart were the most important items. As the discussion continued about project needs, company letterhead was mentioned but was just going to be created themselves. It was suggested that the letterhead be designed, that way it would match the rest of the packet because of the company branding give a more professional appearance.

The presentation folder was to have a single right pocket and slits to hold the promotional card. Being the most expensive piece of the project and having a single pocket it was suggested that the folder be printed both sides. That way the folder would be more professional and finished especially with the single pocket, instead of just being blank paper. So the inside cover was decided to have the flowchart on it instead of being separate. With the flowchart on the inside of the folder it helps the packet sell itself, because potential clients don’t have to sort through or read everything to understand what Sniffer Deal can provide them. Once the client opens the folder they get a quick visual of the process and benefits, before reading a detailed document. Having the flowchart on the inside also reduces printing and shipping cost since the flowchart didn’t have to be printed separately.

After the marketing packet was complete, SnifferDeal asked to have a flyer made as well. The flyer was to be emailed to potential clients as a lead in to a future pitch by their sales reps. It was to be unique, and a quick read that gave the new lead an idea of how SnifferDeal would help their company grow. That lead to the circle concept, where company growth was an easy three step process, by simply creating an online voucher, sending to SnifferDeal members, and those members would then use the voucher either online or at the merchant’s physical location.

SnifferDeal is a new online consumer discount startup company. It is based in Columbus Ohio. You can see the deals they offer at

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